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Awesome Squishy Videos!

Squishies are so much fun to play with and collect!  Check out all of these cool videos!  Some were made by squishiesrule.com!

Do you have a cool video?  Let us know!


Here are some of our favorite squishy and other videos. Let us know if you have awesome squishy videos featuring your squishy pencil toppers!  We can post them here if you want!  We bet there are some very funny videos out there!  Send us an e-mail with the Youtube link - you can write us at larissar6@hotmail.com.  Let us know if you want it posted on our Squishiesrule.com website!


Here is an awesome (and funny) video made by squishiesrule and our friends.  It features Team 1 vs. Team 2 fighting over ice cream cones!  Who is going to win this battle?  Winner gets a $100 bill!

Squishy Pencil Toppers Showcase by Alyssa!  Alyssa explains the differences between all of the squishies and also shows you the new Palm Babies!  The Palm Babies are so adorable!  They are now available on our "Babies" page!
Alyssa gets new squishy pencil toppers in the mail!  Check out how excited she is! This video is from before this website was started!!
Check out Alyssa in her first big TV Commercial!! This is for Peter Piper Pizza. Alyssa is in the grey jacket with the side braid!
What a cool party this is!  Check it out!  How funny!
This is a funny clip from the Finding Nemo movie!
Pencil toppers as professional actors??  Who will make it through this try out?
This video has some freaky sound effects!  Check it out!
These squishy pencil toppers are having a pencil drill at their school!  No, not a fire drill or a tornado drill, but a pencil drill! That is one scary pencil coming after them!  Would you be scared if you were one of them?  Oh no, what's that in the window???  AHHHHH!!!
Here is a video made by Alyssa about Pencil Topper Bowling!  Watch out squishies!
Which video do you think is the coolest?  Let us know!  Send us an e-mail at larissar6@hotmail.com